Crusta combines 1.) representation of global, high-resolution surface data, 2.) visualization of these data on a real-time virtual globe, and 3.) efficient exploration and annotation using real-time interactive software tools. Using Crusta one can easily import sub-meter resolution DEM or imagery for arbitrary locations on the globe. Dynamic manipulation of the visualization (illumination, vertical exaggeration, iso-lines) support explorative discovery of key surface features and a clear understanding of their three-dimensional embedding. Such features can be directly mapped on the virtual landscape. This capability greatly improves the confidence and localization of mapped features. The majority of movies on this website demonstrate Crusta.


LiDAR Viewer provides an opportunity for the user to view LiDAR point cloud datasets without sub-sampling or reducing the data. The program will load in a point cloud and display each individual point from the survey. LiDAR Viewer allows the user to select points and extract them to a separate file, extract primitives (plane, sphere, cylinder) from selected points, determine distance from a plane, and navigate in real-time through large datasets (>2.7 billion points). It is a powerful tool that can provide unique insight from LiDAR datasets that are difficult to attain using DEMs.