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Demonstration of Crusta


The following is a demonstration of a new visualization software package called Crusta. The program allows the integration of different resolution DEM and imagery data. The user can visualize these data in real-time. We hope this software will support rapid scientific response after disasters such as the Haiti earthquake. 

For a high resolution version of this video (~28 mb) - Click here: http://haiti.geology.ucdavis.edu/videos/crusta_mpg4_2048.mp4

Data used in the Video:
1. Blue Marble Next Generation (NASA's Earth Observatory) (500 m resolution)
2. 90 meter - SRTM for Haiti
3. World Bank 1m LiDAR data

1. Blue Marble Next Generation (NASA's Earth Observatory) Color

2. GeoEye Satellite

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Our team of geoscientists and computer scientists is using state-of-the-art visualization methods to investigate fault properties, geologic structures, and damage caused by the January 2010 Haiti Earthquake.

This work is supported by the W.M. Keck Foundation and the National Science Foundation.

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